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Indian Sandstone In The Johnstown Wrexham Area

Strong, durable paving

Hand split Indian sandstone is often the first choice for natural stone paving in gardens. Why? It’s strong, durable and looks great. It offers an easy way to use natural stone, providing a rustic charm to your outdoor space. And it doesn’t cost the world. Indian sandstone paving is a cost-efficient solution to your paving needs. You will find it in a wide variety of colours and finishes to suit your garden, each with the same great character and strength.

Sandstone paving, as the name suggests, is made from sandstone – a sedimentary rock composed of quartz grains with natural cementing materials. It’s completely natural, with subtle marks and patterns like cross-bedding and ripples pointing to the formation of the rock.

Its natural stone composition gives it great strength and durability. Good quality indian sandstone paving, with fine grains and even texture, is a long-lasting solution for walkways and patios as well as sporadic, decorative paving. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, you get paving that looks great and stays that way, saving you money and eliminating any hassle in the future.


Different types of Indian Sandstone Paving

Not every garden is the same – and RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd understand that completely. Our Indian Sandstone Paving comes in a wide range of styles. A variety of colours give you freedom when you’re planning your garden.

Our indian sandstone paving comes in a range of different shapes and sizes too. Firstly, you can choose uniform slabs for a simplistic stretcher bond design. These are available in different sizes allowing you to go for big and bold or something more small and scattered. Alternatively, you can opt for a mixture of sizes with a more interesting layout. Using a mix of different colours, this is a great way to give your paving a fun and attractive pattern.


Where To Use Indian Sandstone

So, where should you use Indian sandstone paving? The choice is yours – it’s an incredibly versatile paving option. With a strong natural stone composition, it’s fully capable of withstanding pressure from people walking above. Even in public spaces, indian sandstone can be used for walkways big and small. Weather isn’t an issue. The porous quality of the indian sandstone makes it ideal in any weather, without becoming weak or damaged. And, of course, whatever style you choose, it’s got a unique aesthetic appeal. This makes Indian Sandstone Paving perfect for patios and garden areas, whether it’s for a small isolated area or large stretch of the garden.


Why Use Natural Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

No matter what kind you may use, sandstones add a stylishly sophisticated yet modernly rustic look to the whole space at very reasonable costs. Being a natural indian stone, sandstone is very likely to age better as well and look even more beautiful as the year’s pass. So old really becomes gold when natural sandstone is used in construction.

Moreover, sandstone can be trusted to stand the test of time. As it is nature’s gift, formed over a period of many years with the amalgamation of sand grains containing quartz in large quantities along with some cementing material, sandstone is much more durable and resistant to impact than other alternatives.


Indian Sandstone Paving is Low Maintenance

Durability aside, sandstone is extremely low maintenance as well. You can simply get it installed and then forget about it for a long time. It is extremely well adjusted to heavy rains and harsh weather conditions and does not fade or wear away easily. Cleaning sandstone is very easy too as you can get it pressure washed without damaging its colour or finish.

Another great aspect of using Indian sandstone paving is the reduced carbon footprint. As sandstone is a naturally occurring and widely available resource, it is an easily sustainable building material and is more eco-friendly than other artificially made options.

Why choose RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd?

At RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd, we provide a wide range of high-quality paving options. Our sandstone paving leaves no stone unturned, with different colours, styles and sizes on offer to give you exactly what you want and need. We have supplied high-quality natural stone paving to a wide range of customers over the years, both private and commercial.

Our paving delivers quality every time, with long-lasting strength and an attractive appearance that’s ready to stand the test of time. It’s why our customers love us – and why they come back time and again. Take a look at our sandstone paving options and select the one that’s right for you. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Be sure to get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your needs further and we’ll try to point you in the right direction.


Here is one of our Indian Sandstone patio areas completed in the Johnstown Wrexham area.

Access to the property was extremely difficult which RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd were able to overcome to get the job done. Finished with the highest of standards.





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