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Jet Black Pattern Imprint Driveway In Marford Wrexham Chester Area

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways

Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the latest paving system and is becoming increasingly popular due to some obvious benefits which include the fact that it is a permanent paving system that requires virtually no maintenance. It is weed free, doesn’t attract moss and will not sink. Not to mention its warm and inspiring appearance.

Please browse our web site and you will see how RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd can enhance the look of your home with a beautiful new driveway, patio area or pathway. You can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable company with the highest standards.

Stage 1: Preparation

All projects have to be properly prepared before any concrete can be poured. This entails excavating the existing surface to an average depth of around 200mm. Excavation machines are used where required. The old surface material and any debris will be neatly stacked and removed by “grab wagon”. We aim to use grab wagons wherever possible as in the majority of cases we are able to remove the debris from site the same day.

The required amount of hardcore, dependant upon the sub base we find on excavation, will be delivered to site and spread across the area before being compacted with a vibroplating machine. This will form a level, solid base on which to pour the concrete.

All shuttering, steps, flat top edges, drainage, gulley tops, manhole covers, etc. are installed during this preparation process.

We are now ready to pour the concrete.

Stage 2: Installing and Imprinting the Concrete

We use a fibre enmeshed, air entrained concrete which, on completion, is 25-30% stronger than a standard concrete. The fibres in the concrete enmesh together whilst the concrete cures; this is where the additional strength in the concrete comes from. The air entrainment chemical protects the concrete from any future frost damage.

The concrete is barrowed in from the mixer, “levelled” with rakes and floated. Once the concrete has been floated, a colour surface hardener is spread over the concrete in powder form and floated into the surface of the concrete. This is the primary colour and is what permanently colours your concrete driveway. Once the colour has been floated in, it is a case of waiting for the concrete to “go off” to the correct consistency for imprinting the pattern. Once ready, a second colour powder, called a release agent, is spread over the surface of the concrete.

Stage 3: Cutting and Cleaning

Concrete contracts and expands so, depending on the drying conditions, we will call back to site either the following day, or the day after that, to install crack control cuts into the concrete slab. The entire concrete slab and surrounds are then power washed clean.

The tarmac pathway is “made good”, and the driveway is now ready for sealing, but we have to wait for the weather! We need at least two dry days before we call back to site to apply the sealant.

Stage 4: Sealing

Before we seal the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, we will blow any loose debris from the surface and dry any damp areas, as necessary.

We will then add an anti-slip agent to the acrylic based sealant and apply the seal with brushes.

On completion of the sealing, we will once again tape the area off, so no-one walks or drives on it.

We recommend you keep your cars off the concrete for a period of four days after sealing to allow the sealants to set hard and bond properly with the concrete.

Here are some before during and after pictures of a large Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveway RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd completed in the Marford Wrexham Chester. Customer had a London cobble print in the jet black colour finished with a black ice stone edging. RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd also put charcoal key curbs edging around the pathway.
















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