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Pattern Imprinted Concrete And Artificial Grass Wrexham Chester Area

Here is a Pattern Imprinted Patio Area Done By RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd In The Wrexham Area.


What Is Pattern Imprinted Concrete And It’s Benefits?

Pattern Imprinted Concrete, also known as decorative or stamped concrete, is poured re-enforced concrete that is then imprinted with a pattern before it sets. It’s basically just as its name suggests. And it’s ideal for Driveways and Patio areas.

Strong, flexible and durable

Pattern imprinted concrete is used for driveways and patios for many different reasons, but there are three core features of the concrete which stand out for us. Pattern Imprinted Concrete is strong, extremely flexible and long lasting. A pattern imprinted concrete driveway brings the same benefits you would associate with any type of concrete. It’s strong and it’s solid. When you have one big block of concrete, it’s extremely tough and can withstand an awful lot! Because we pour the concrete in liquid form, it means we can create almost any shape and border you’d like. We can fill in difficult-to-reach gaps, cover large areas quickly, and customise a driveway or patio to the exact specifications you want. And then we can add a huge range of patterns and designs. Patterned concrete gives you so much choice! Perhaps most importantly, concrete is a durable material, which means it’s extremely long lasting. When it’s poured, set and finished, it forms a great-looking, sturdy driveway or patio – one that won’t chip, wobble, crack or loosen. Pattern imprinted concrete will last for years and years!

The many benefits of a Decorative Concrete Driveway Or Patio

Its Long Lasting so you don’t need to worry about replacing or repairing.

It’s Low Maintenance so upkeep is hassle-free, and your drive or patio area will always looks great

It’s Incredibly Flexible so you can choose the exact size, shape and design that works!

It’s High Quality so your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

It Looks Amazing with so many colours and pattern to pick, to be truly unique

Beautiful patios can turn an unused, wasted back garden or space outside into an incredible place for you and your family to enjoy. A great patio is an area for relaxation, for eating outdoors, and for entertaining friends. Patios can even add value to your home, so it’s important you get them right. Finding and designing your own new patio is quick and easy, because RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd will guide you through the whole process.









Patterned Concrete Special Features – Steps

Pattern Imprinted Concrete steps are hand crafted and can be created for a variety of practical and visual purposes. As an access to your garden, a stairway between levels in your landscaping or an entrance to your home. Steps can be incorporated in your chosen design.

You can chose from our standard range of shapes, which include square, rectangular, rounded square, and circular. These standard steps are traditionally created with boot kerbs stones and fibre reinforced concrete which is coloured and printed to your choice. We can create bespoke steps helping you realise you own imaginative creations.


Ash grey Pattern Imprinted Concrete finished with a black edging.



Artificial Grass Installers

RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd can also supply & install artificial grass. The reason so many people are turning to artificial grass is plain & simple. It’s a cost effective, low maintenance alternative to real grass.

Once installed our artificial grass looks and feels just like a well-maintained natural lawn, all year round. No need for any harmful pesticides or fertilisers ever again.

No watering or mowing. Just enjoy a lush green lawn without the mess or fuss.

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