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Pattern Imprinted Driveway New Wall and Artificial Grass Completed In The Johnstown Wrexham Area

What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete ?

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – also known as decorative or stamped concrete is a highly innovative method of imprinting the surface of freshly poured reinforced concrete to create the aesthetic value and feel of natural stone, slate, cobble, tile, brick or wood.

Concrete is a sustainable building material that has very little impact on the environment compared to other building materials. Sand, cement, aggregates and water are the main components of concrete; we add colour, texture and creativity to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Building with concrete makes sense for you and the future of the environment.

Unique Design, Durable & long lasting

Our driveways, pathways and patios are durable, unique and virtually maintenance free. With lots of different designs and colours available, you can create a variety of paving styles that is truly original to you, leading to a very imaginative makeover to your home or business. Here are some of our designs and colours you can choose from.



Why Choose Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving?

★   Non Slip and stain resistant

★   Fully proven product around the world

★   Hard wearing & weather resistant

★   Quick & hassle free installation

★   Low maintenance

★  Permanent colour & texture

★  Endless design opportunities with a diverse range of colours and tones


Pattern Imprinted Concrete is ideal for;

★   Driveways

★   Patios

★   Pathways

★  Swimming pool and hot tub surrounds

★  Conservatory flooring

★  Industrial flooring

Artificial Grass

A relatively new, cost effective form of hard landscaping finish, Artificial Grass transforms any are into a low maintenance, outdoor extension of your home or commercial premises. There are countless benefits to having synthetic grass over a natural lawn, picture having a lush, green and healthy lawn every day of the year, never having to mow, weed or water your grass again.

Artificial Grass3RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd can install to suit your individual requirements. All of the fake grasses available are extremely hardwearing, natural in appearance and provide a user friendly surface for pets, children, all the family and visitors.

Low Maintenance: Artificial Grass is an ideal surface for all year round, turning muddy high traffic areas into clean, attractive areas. Artificial Grass is hard wearing, durable and suitable for pets, children and heavy traffic.

For use on: Driveway, Garden, Footpath, Patio, Balcony, Roof Garden, Backyard, Conservatory, Living Space, Playground, Schools & Nurseries, Hotel & Business entrances, Beer gardens & Smoking areas, Amusement parks & Water features.


Here is one of our Pattern Imprinted driveways completed in the Johnstown Wrexham and Chester area.

The customer wanted a new driveway so decided on having the Pattern Imprint in the Ashley slate design and Platinum grey in colour. RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd built a new wall and laid artificial grass to give the driveway that perfect finished look.

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