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Pattern Imprinted Patio and Pathways Completed In Trevor, Wrexham Area


Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paths and Patios

Patterned Concrete Paths

Just like with driveways, patios or steps, RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd provide concrete imprinted solutions for pathways too!

Our Pattern Imprinted Concrete, made using our very special formula, uses a high strength, fibre entrained mix design that delivers a long lasting, stable surface.

Not only is it safer for the environment but it is the safer option for you and your garden too. Traditional pathways are usually gravel, slabs or standard concrete and can cause many problems all year round and after a while start to deteriorate which causes more and more maintenance.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete pathways don’t deteriorate and become uneven, wobble or crack like slabs do. Neither do they deteriorate like a gravel pathways where the gravel gradually disperses across the rest of the garden or onto the main road which looks an eye sore and can be dangerous.

Instead they weather the storm, making sure the imprint concrete stays looking like new for years and years with hardly any maintenance. With so much choice of textures, colours, and stamped concrete patterns to choose from making and choosing your pathway more enjoyable than the other methods, it’s no wonder more and more people are choosing RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd for their pathway solution.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the perfect solution to beat those troublesome problems such as weeds, sinking and dispersing that you frequently experience with pathways created from block paving, natural stone and gravel.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete pathways are created using a fibre reinforced concrete providing you with a long lasting durable surface that requires minimal maintenance.

You can have a unique pathway design providing stylish easy access around your property that will enhance the exterior of your home.


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Patterned Concrete Patios

Whether it’s a quiet corner of your garden to relax in or a large area to entertain family and friends, Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the ideal choice for any new patio area.

Weeds and wobbles, rot and rodents are the unwanted problems of patio areas constructed from block paving, natural stone, gravel and wooden decking which all require year round maintenance. Pattern Imprinted Concrete patios can eradicate all these problems. Our special mix of fibre reinforced concrete creates a solid, stable, weed free surface that requires minimal maintenance.


Pattern Imprinted Concrete can be shaped to your own imaginative design, enhancing your property’s exterior. Choose from our wide range of patterns and colours and design a truly unique maintenance free patio that will be the envy of your neighbours.

All of RDJ & Co (Wrexham) Ltd patios are finished with a high quality sealant that includes an anti-slip compound, minimising the risk of slips.

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